Here are some links to useful programs for playing the game.

This website has many useful programs for playing the game online, including the very important Maptool. Pretty much any game played online will require this program. Visit this page

This is an easier to use VoIP software package. We will actually use this one!

Ventrilo is a program to enable speaking over the internet. I don't know much else about it.

Hamachi enables virtual LANs over the internet. Sometimes, for various reasons, the various other programs listed will not work well over a simple internet connection, and thus a virtual LAN will be needed.

Myth-Weavers hosts a good number of automated, online character sheets for many different versions of D&D and other roleplaying games. It's free to sign up to use their sheets. Post links to Myth-Weavers to show off your characters!

D&D Character Builder
The D&D Character Builder is the ultimate in character creation and sharing for 4e. The demo includes most content for level 1-3 characters. If your campaign starts in this level range, there is little reason not to download the demo and use its features on the forums!

Hero Machine
If you aren't good at drawing, this is an excellent way to create an image of your character!

Magic Set Editor
This program allows you to make cards in the format of Magic the Gathering cards. Great for making power cards!

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